The Workshops

James Lloyd and Alan Katz, with their distinctly different, yet entertaining styles, serve up an extremely relevant agenda filled with participant interaction along with good introspective thoughts for every broker participant. Brokers tells us we delivered one of the most relevant and useful seminars for our changing times.   The materials and presentations from James and Alan will help any broker.
— EVP Sales & Marketing, BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska

Health care reform is a reality and the changes it is bringing will be pervasive and substantial.  The practices, processes and perspectives that have helped High-Growth Producers survive the ordinary challenges faced during a career (loss of a large client, financial downturns) are the same skills that will help them overcome the extraordinary change that is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“Will assist me in defining plans and actions for the near future.”
— Trailblazed Sales Workshop attendee

The Trailblazed Sales Workshops delivers powerful ideas and tools brokers need to succeed in time of great change and uncertainty. These are strategies and practices. taken from the Trailblazed Sales Project Study, are presented through a combination of substance, humor and interactive exercise by Alan Katz (a highly respected and engaging writer and speaker on sales and marketing, strategic planning and health care reform) and James Lloyd (a nationally recognized speaker and trainer on customer service and motivating workforces). These workshops are far more than a break from daily routine; they’re meaningful, useful and rewarding events that change the way the audience addresses sales..

“Uplifting, without platitudes. Concrete examples, actual real life examples.”
— Trailblazed Sales Workshop attendee

Workshop topics include:

  • How to develop a simple, but effective, business plan
  • Creating an impactful marketing message and campaign
  • Five easy steps that will take client service to a higher level
  • How to adopt the right technology at the right time
  • Tools to keep your team positive and focused during difficult times

“Great information delivered by awesome speakers.”
— Trailblazed Sales Workshop attendee

The Workshops are offered on a turnkey basis. Sponsors simply secure the facility and bring together the audience. Alan and James provide the Sales Workshop content as well as covering travel, lodging and other incidentals. For groups of up to 150, each attendee receives a free copy of the book Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success. The Sales Workshop can be offered as a standalone event or as part of a broader meeting. And while the Study surveyed health insurance agents, the Sales Workshops are easily adapted to other industries facing significant changes.

To learn more about sponsoring a Workshop please contact the Alan Katz Group.

The Trailblazed Sales Workshop energized and brought renewed confidence to Kaiser Permanente’s Key Broker /Consultant Channel in the Denver Market.  The Workshop hit the mark with a great message delivered with passion, conviction and a style that kept the audience engaged throughout the morning.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking to put new life into their sales distribution channel.
— Manager, Distribution Channels and Broker Relations, Kaiser Permanente-Colorado

Additional Workshop attendee feedback:

“Today was one of the best presentations I have seen in years. Thank you very much for the recommendation and invite. It was informative, real time and exceptionally helpful. It was time very well spent.”

“Clear steps to improve my business.”

“Clearly pointed out what makes others excel and hot to do it as well.”

“Humor, multiple ‘a-ha’ moments, techniques that fit everyone in someway or another, and finally attendees felt your passion and belief in what you are speaking about.”

“Today was one of the best presentations I have seen in years.  It was informative, real time and exceptionally helpful.  It was time very well spent.”

“Reconfirmed business ideas that I have been anguishing over and will help me to move forward with changes to help myself, business and clients.”

“For busy people it was productive time well spent.”

“Made me rethink directions we have been taking.”

“Very motivational. Easy to follow and understand. Great presentation and materials.”

“Clear info, crisp presentation, and delivery. Very useful content.”

“Information was relevant, interesting, and presenters were very engaging.”

“Gave me ideas to consider and implement.”

“Alan and James are great and positive speakers. The full presentation was interesting and had great interaction with everyone.”

Lots of energy. Concise. To the point with impactful stories and anecdotes.

“Clear, concise information with encouraging suggestions.”

“Learned things to take home and implement.”

“Great information sharing in a passionate, high-energy manner.”

“Timely and good quality information.”

“Enlightening and entertaining.”

“Great level of humor to keep us paying attention to the great information presented.”

“Enjoyable. Positive. Motivating. Specific.”

“Brought up opportunities that I have neglected.”

“Direct and to the point.”

“The message re-energized me and reminded me what I need to keep working on. Charged my batteries.”

“Made me look at myself and how I view and handle my career and employees, and made me want to improve certain areas.”

“Helped me refocus on things that have made me successful, but I have let some of them slide because I’ve been comfortable.”

“Dynamic dual presentation. Well balanced and with rich content.”

“Very clear, positive and fun. I feel good leaving here today. I feel positive about making a difference with my clients.”

“Good message at the right time.”

“Real information that can be used.”

“Excellent reminders which assist me in defining plans and actions for the near future.”

“Motivational and provided clear steps to improve my business.”

“Great message — genuine and true.”

“Felt that we were learning from someone who had experience in our business and knew the potential impact of reform.”

“The speakers complimented one another and made the topic more engaging.”