The Study

The Trailblazed Sales Project Study interviewed 200 health insurance agents in six states in late-2007. The respondents were screened to assure that a majority of their business was in the individual, small group and senior medical insurance market segments.

The Study focused on producers focused on these products because, by law and regulation, health insurance plans cannot be modified and no discounts are allowed. Every broker in a given market sells the same health plans at the same price. Consequently differences in sales are the result of what these producers do or don’t do, not on what gimmicks they deploy.

Because of this dynamic, the Study was able to identify the practices, perspectives and procedures that separated high-growth producers from their less successful competitors. The Study then organized these behaviors to identify the paths these sales champions take to reach sales success. While based on findings in the health insurance industry, the paths to sales success can be followed by any professional, regardless of the product or market

Study Methodology


  • Study Leadership: Alan Katz of the Alan Katz Group and Steven Miller, Phd. of Miller Marketing Insights
  • Conducted and Tabulated: FallĀ 2007 by California Survey Research Services
  • Survey Size: 200 health insurance brokers in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas
  • Respondent Profile:
    • 60% sold health insurance for more than ten years
    • Average agency size: 4.9 brokers
    • High-Growth Producers (20% growth over prior year): 28%
    • Low-Growth Producers (some growth, but less than 20%): 47%
    • No-Growth Producers (flat or declining sales from prior year: 24%