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Proven Paths to Sales Success

Is sales success the result of luck? Fate? Destiny? Is each situation unique or are there common paths successful sales agents travel? If so, are those paths open to everyone or just a select few?

These were the questions the Trailblazed Sales Project Study sought to answer. What we discovered is that sales success is no accident. Instead, success correlates with specific practices, processes and perspectives shared by producers enjoying high growth. Most significantly, these proven paths to sales success are available to every sales professional looking to enhance their business.

The presentations and book, Trailblazed: Proven Paths to Sales Success, make the findings of the Trailblazed Sales Project Study accessible to any sales person looking to manage through change, grow their business or work smarter.

“If you are a budding high growth sales producer or have already achieved this level, this book will give you the purpose, process and platform to take you and your business to the next level.”
James D. Murphy, Founder & CEO, Afterburner, Inc. and author of Flawless Execution and Business as Combat.

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