Educating without entertaining is, well, boring. Worse, it’s often forgettable. Entertaining without educating may be fun, but the message is soon forgotten and little changes for the better. That’s why the Alan Katz Group represents speakers who deliver both: meaningful information delivered in an engaging, fun fashion.

Consider our primary speaker: Alan Katz (what, you’re surprised?) Whether delivering a keynote address or leading an intimate workshop, Alan delivers important information in an enjoyable way. He takes his subjects seriously, but he finds the humor in them as well.


Alan rarely gives the same speech twice, customizing the content to meet the unique needs and interests of your audience. His presentations address:

Whether through speeches, breakout sessions or workshops, Alan provides audiences with actionable steps to achieve their goals.


Alan provided an entertaining and informative talk about health reform that captivated everyone’s attention and kept us laughing. With his background, Alan provides a unique and well-informed perspective of the political chaos surrounding health reform. An “A+” presentation.
— Edward O’Malley, President, Corporate Client Group, a division of National Financial Partners

Thanks again for a great Trailblazed Sales workshop. It was more than I could have hoped for. This was an unbelievably valuable investment. This workshop will be referenced through the year. As much as I would prefer to have an edge on our competitors, I think all carrier and general agency reps should get Trailblazed and stop wasting their agents’ time.
— Michael Lujan, Director, Small Group Sales — Blue Shield of California Northern Region

Alan Katz was fabulous as a presenter on Strategic Planning. I have attended many such presentations, but Alan’s was the most informative and motivating. I actually wound up doing this for my business and it has produced a renewed sense of optimism. Please have Alan do more of these (he has a fabulous sense of humor)!
— from attendee survey, National Association of Health Underwriters Annual Convention in San Diego, California

Mr. Katz’s presentation was a success with conference attendees, receiving strong scores in post-conference evaluations. Comments following the conference included praise such as “wonderful speaker!” and “Great! Really let us know our role in legislation.” It was a pleasure to have Mr. Katz as part of our educational faculty and we would welcome inviting him as a returning speaker in future years.
— Shane Robinson, manager, Association Services, Emergency Department Practice management Association concerning EDPMA’s national conference on the Health Care Reform Debate