The Alan Katz Group helps businesses large and small overcome challenges, gain focus and achieve their goals. Whether aligning a health plan’s marketing and sales teams work, providing company leaders a simplified business planning process, identifying the impact of health care reform or resolving sales channel conflicts, the Alan Katz group brings to each project results-oriented insights and assistance.

We take a collegial approach to consulting projects, bringing to the assignment proven, experienced executives that understand the subject matter. Our team members don’t dictate solutions. They know it’s your company with your culture and way of doing things. Our job is to help define the problems you face and identify solutions in a professional, respectful manner.

Because the team you’ll work with is so critical, the team members are identified prior to your committing to bring us aboard. You’ll know who you will be working with, their experience and expertise.

Most of our consulting engagements are on a project basis, but hourly arrangements are available. With either approach the scope of work and desired outcomes are clearly defined before work begins so both you and our team understand what to expect and by when.