The Alan Katz Group was founded in 2007. Since then, thousands of sales professionals were trained, companies large and small improved their distribution, dozens of articles were printed, even more speeches were given, and Trailblazed Sales: Proven Paths to Sales Success, the book that summarized our major study, sold thousands of copies.

It has been a fun, productive, and rewarding journey. And like all journeys, it has come to an end. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve you and your sales teams.

Our principal, Alan Katz, remains busy as a co-founder of Take 44, the company behind NextAgency, and of Insurgency Benefits. He still does the occasional article or speech, but his attention focus is on helping to build those companies.

Looking for Insurgency Benefits or NextAgency?

  • NextAgency is an agency management system featuring CRM, marketing and commission management tools designed to save health and life insurance agencies time, money and clients.
  • Insurgency Benefits delivers simple and safe, fixed-cost self-funded medical plans for small and mid-size companies through The Protect Plans, The Secure Plans,  and The Defend Plans programs.


*… and thanks for all the fish. And if you haven’t read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams, you really should.